Export SharePoint solutions (.wsp) from SharePoint farm

Sometimes, you are setting up a new SharePoint environment and you need to make it similar to one of the existing SharePoint farms. However, there are few custom solutions for which you don’t have appropriate .wsp file ready or you can’t figure out which version of the .wsp was deployed on the server.

You can use below script to export all SharePoint solutions from an existing farmRead More »

Create SharePoint 2016 Dev/test farm in Azure

In this post, we’ll discuss the steps required to create SharePoint Server 2016 dev/test farm hosted in Microsoft Azure. We’ll have minimum configuration which is to have a domain controller, a sql server and a SharePoint server. Do note that all of the 3 servers need to be in the same subnet and vnet so that they can connect to each other using internal IP address for them. We off course  don’t want to redirect our traffic through firewalls for NSG (network security group). So all of these 3 servers will be in the same NSG for simplicity of deployment.Read More »

Enable PSRemoting for SharePoint Servers

PSRemoting is a useful feature. Introduced with PowerShell v2, it remains one of the most useful features. It enables you to remotely login into any SharePoint server and do your work. However, SharePoint does not play very nice with the PSremoting like other MS servers like exchange.

You can use below steps to enable psremoting to correctly configure your SharePoint servers to allow certain users access to run SharePoint PowerShell cmdlets.Read More »

Understanding MinRole in SharePoint 2016 and improvement it brings

Microsoft released SharePoint 2016 with much marketing on two new server end features:

  1. MinRole
  2. Zero downtime patching

The focus of this blog post will be solely limited to MinRole farms and explaining why it is so important and the improvements it brings.

As you are aware, SharePoint 2013 and 2010 were role agnostic farms. What this really meant is that you were able to run any service on any server in the farm. Read More »