Create Kubernetes clusters with Kind, rootless Docker and rootless Podman

Kind is a tool which can be used for running local multi node Kubernetes clusters. Kind was primarily designed for testing Kubernetes itself and associated extensions, but may be used for local development or CI. With the Kind, you can spin up a multi node Kubernetes cluster in couple of minutes, perform your work and then wind it down. And nobody need to worry about the Bill! Starting with kind 0.11.0, Rootless Docker and Rootless Podman can be used as the node provider of kind. Its not running kubernetes in rootless mode as some component of kubernetes stack cannot run rootless yet, however it is certainly a step in that direction.

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Spinning up and Managing Pods with multiple containers with Podman

docker-compose is a popular choice to spin up applications needing multiple containers and run them. It allows to define the configuration in a simple yaml format and with few commands, you can create/manage all your application containers at once. Podman does not have a counterpart to the docker-compose command. There is a project in the works called podman-compose, which is supposed to do the same basic thing as docker-compose.

However Podman uses a concept called pods. Pods are a way of grouping containers together inside their own namespace, network, and security context. You can start and stop the whole pod at once to manage your application.

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