Going Down the Rabbit Hole of Docker Engine… – containerd

As we discussed in previous posts, that Docker team re-factored, extracted and donated containerd as container runtime to the CNCF in Mar’2017. As of docker engine 1.11, docker engine switch to containerd as default runtime as well and it has been there since. containerd implements downloading images, managing them, and running containers from images. When it needs to run a container it unpacks the image into an OCI runtime bundle and shells out to runc to run it. Also, containerd is platform agnostic, so you can run it on pretty much any OS.

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Another blog on docker depreciation in Kubernetes and what needs to be done about it

In the Kubernetes release v1.20, the development team has marked dockershim as deprecated. There was initially some shock and confusion, as it was perceived that team is moving away from docker completely, however that is not the case. As its turns out, what the team is doing, is steering the Kubernetes away from the proprietary parts of Docker or Docker Engine or just simply called Docker. The Docker Engine is further comprised of many different sub-components like dockerd, containerd, runc etc., many of which were initially developed by Docker Inc and then given away to community. These were later standardized and maintained by the community.

The Kubernetes community has written a detailed blog post about deprecation with a dedicated FAQ page for it. This blog post is being written to understand the impact and what needs to be done about it. Depending on how do you use Docker, think and understand about it, you may or may not have to do anything about it or get worried about sleepless nights.

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