SQL Error : Index was outside the bounds of the Array (Microsoft.SqlServer.smo)

If while working on Azure SQL PaaS or even on-premise SQL database, you are stuck with this error “Index was outside the bounds of the Array. (Microsoft.SqlServer.smo)”, the most likely reason is that the version of SQL server management studio on your local machine is on the lower version that the SQL server version on the server end.

In such a scenario, you would need to upgrade the SSMS version installed on your local machine. Apparently, the reason behind the error message is that SQL couldn’t show new features in your old SSMS version. Continue reading “SQL Error : Index was outside the bounds of the Array (Microsoft.SqlServer.smo)”

Install oracle virtual box using PowerShell

Oracle virtual box  is a cross-platform virtualization application. It installs on existing Intel or AMD-based computers, whether they are running Windows, Mac, Linux or Solaris operating systems. You can choose to jump through several urls to find and download the right version or you can use the easier way. I’m going to explain the latter in this blog. For this post, you need to have Chocolatey installed on the machine. You can check here on how to do so.

Once you have done this, open a PowerShell prompt and run below …Continue Reading

Install Chocolatey on a windows machine

As you know, Chocolatey is a very known and useful package manager for windows. Chef, Puppet, Boxstarter, PowerShell DSC, Ansible, Saltstack, Microsoft, etc all have ways for using Chocolatey to ensure the state of a computer and packages installed. If you don’t know about package manager, see my blog post here.

There are more than few ways to install it.One of the easiest ways is to use the built in package management inside PowerShell:

Install-Package chocolatey

You can also use NuGet command line …Continue Reading

Compare Global Assembly Cache across Servers

When deploying .Net applications/.wsp code you will sometime have to deploy your assemblies (that needs to be GAC’ed) to multiple machines. Inevitability, you will run into the situation where the assemblies of the two machines will get out of sync. It can be a real headache to try to figure out the difference in the dlls deployed especially if you are not versioning your dlls. Recently I came across this situation and found a nice solution in form of Global Assembly Cache comparison tool. This is a nice tool which lets quickly check compare GAC across multiple servers and export results into a nice format for us.

It is to be noted that this tool does not make any changes to GAC and …Continue Reading

Create SharePoint 2016 Dev/test farm in Azure

In this post, we’ll discuss the steps required to create SharePoint Server 2016 dev/test farm hosted in Microsoft Azure. We’ll have minimum configuration which is to have a domain controller, a sql server and a SharePoint server. Do note that all of the 3 servers need to be in the same subnet and vnet so that they can connect to each other using internal IP address for them. We off course  don’t want to redirect our traffic through firewalls for NSG (network security group). So all of these 3 servers will be in the same NSG for simplicity of deployment. …Continue Reading