Updated: Microsoft VSTS converted to Azure DevOps

Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS), Microsoft’s application lifecycle management system, is to undergo a major shake-up and rebranding. Instead of a single Visual Studio-branded service, it’s being split into five separate Azure-branded services, under the banner Azure DevOps.

The five components:

  1. Azure Pipelines, a continuous integration, testing, and deployment system that can connect to any Git repository
  2. Azure Boards, a work tracking system with Kanban boards, dashboards, reporting
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Difference between URI, URL and URN

It has been my observation that many of the tech engineers do not know the difference between URI, URN and URLs. For many of them, they are same. For very of them, rest of them and few others are confused. So through this blog post, I intend to clarify that difference. I guess this is more of the classical questions like what to formally call a web address and what do you mean by a web address in first place. In this age of varying protocols and APIs and methods, what is called as a web address is itself of a question. for example, ftp://files.metavrs.in may serve entirely different content than http://files.metavrs.in which may further differ that mailto:files.metavrs.in (these urls are just for understanding purposes only). Continue reading “Difference between URI, URL and URN”

Site Changes

Hi there!

I have enabled few site related changes which you may find more useful:

  1. Instead of showing full blog post at the home page, there will be a detailed excerpt of few lines and it will be followed by a shortcut leading to full blog post. Over the time, the blog has grown too large to show everything on a single page. So you don’t have to keep scrolling to see post of your interest.
  2. If you open a blog post, there is now related content at bottom of the post. This will help in finding related content more easily on this blog.

Let me know your thoughts on same. I would love to hear from you.

Hey !

This is my first foray into a blog site for IT professionals. Well not exactly first, I tried this first as well, but then I gave up due to reasons you don’t want to know (well, not exactly your problem, I know). I want to share my experiences on a variety of technologies I’m currently working on or worked on earlier. This includes and not just limited to Microsoft Azure, SharePoint Server, PowerShell, Windows Server and associated technologies. Hopefully, this website grow up into something useful for you.

If you do like any post, please share and comment. Please feel free to point any inaccuracies in posts.

Let’s help each other through this journey of life.

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