Using Terraform to Manage Azure DevOps – Index

This post contains index for all blog posts related to using Terraform to Manage Azure DevOps using Azure DevOps provider. It can be used to get a quick overview of and navigate to find the related post of interest.

Teil 1 – Getting started with the Terraform Provider for Azure DevOps, configuring authentication, Create / Update / Delete an Azure DevOps project

Teil 2 – Control Azure DevOps Project features – Boards, Pipelines, Test Plans, Repositories and Artifacts using Terraform, Using Inline and Separate resource blocks in Terraform

Teil 3 – Create Azure DevOps source code repository using Terraform, optionally initialize them, Create fork from another repository

Teil 4 – Create user entitlements, create groups and manage group membership for Azure DevOps Projects

Teil 5 – Create variable, variable groups, create and define build pipelines

Teil 6 – Create service endpoints / service connections in Azure DevOps

Teil 7 – Using Git to store and manage Terraform code files, using Git workflow for a team and some of the best practices for it

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