Azure DevOps build pipelines fails with error: To use the property “”, the branch plugin is required but not installed.

After upgrading our SonarQube Community version to the newly released version, our build pipelines hosted in the Azure DevOps (formerly VSTS) started failing with below errors:

“02:14:02.317 ERROR: Caused by: Validation of project reactor failed:
o To use the property “”, the branch plugin is required but not installed. See the documentation of branch support:”

We were using the same release branches that we were using earlier and there was no changes made to the build configuration. Except that we shifted to new instance of SonarQube Server and hence the new connection that we created for it. So we checked all other things and also checked internet in search of possible solutions. Finally, we came across this post:

As it mentioned clearly, this issue started with the SonarQube Community version 7.2. Once we reverted to the previous build version of SonarQube, the pipelines started working fine. We then switched to new version 7.3 of SonarQube, and no issues with it too. Guess we should have used that earlier. 😉

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