Selectively enable features in the VSTS Project

Visual Studio Team Services or VSTS is a end to end DevOps offering from Microsoft. Microsoft is slowly rolling out the new UI for VSTS which has brought many new features.  One of these exciting features is the option to selectively enable or disable all features related to Work Management, Build and Release Management, Source Code Management etc. at project level.

So it allows you to turn off the features you do not need. Building on our previous blog post, where we made use of VSTS for hosting open source code software development, we can decide to turn off features like work management completely. Not only this, we can choose to re-enable the functionality at later point in time without losing any data.

To access this functionality, one needs to go to respective Project -> Project Settings -> Services:

Select Services from Project Settings
Select Services from Project Settings

In the above snapshot, we can see that all of the functionality is turned on by default. Let’s say we do need to disable work management feature completely for now. We can turn that off by using slider. Notice the pop-up message that appears when we turn it off:

Note the pop up message

And if we refresh the project page now, we can see that work tab is completely gone:

Note the Work tab is completely gone

As we saw earlier in the message, our data is not lost. When we re-enable the features, we’ll get earlier data back as well.

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