Recover the deleted VSTS Git Repository

This might be not as uncommon as deleting the VSTS account, but this is critically important to the end users. Up until now, there was no way to recover the deleted VSTS git repository. However, with the launch of new version of API,  there is now a way to recover them and keep our jobs for another day.

However, this functionality is not yet available for GUI lovers and for now, available at API level only.  In this blog post, we’ll learn how to restore a deleted git repository by using REST APIs inside postman tool. However, you can use any REST client for this purpose.  Continue reading “Recover the deleted VSTS Git Repository”

Recover the deleted VSTS account

This is one of the rare occurrence but one may come across this scenario. Once a VSTS account is deleted, Microsoft keeps it for 30 days (although in a deactivated state). So it is possible to recover the deleted account during those 30 days.

In this blog post, we’ll learn the steps required to restore a deleted VSTS account.  For this post’s purpose, I’ll delete my personal VSTS account i.e. Only a VSTS admin can delete the VSTS account. Since I am the owner of the account, so I have this privilege.

In the handsight, we’ll also know how to delete the VSTS account 😉

Delete the VSTS account

To delete the account, we need to go to account settings -> settings Continue reading “Recover the deleted VSTS account”