Difference between Azure Web App, Azure API App and Azure Mobile App

If you have been working with you might have seen that there are different icons for Azure Web App, API app, mobile app and logic apps in Azure Portal and wondering what is the difference between them. Which should you choose so as to get best of the benefits for your code? As of the current state of Azure, all of these are part of big umbrella term called Azure App Service. Initially, there was some difference in features offered by these services individually, but as of now difference is only limited to naming, icons and tooling.

Features of one are available in the others. There is absolutely no differences beside icons and names on the Azure Portal. 

App Services now replaces all Mobile, Api and Web Apps flavors as a single app framework with all the functionality rolled over to make things more accessible across application types. In Azure, you can still be able to create a Mobile App and a Web App in the gallery but that is basically resolve into an App Service App.

Features for Mobile work for Web App as well such as Easy Tables and Easy API. And features for API apps like API Cors and API definitions now work on web apps as well. A customer can host a single web app to act as any mobile service or an api with all the features offered through the app services. So it no longer matters which app service type you choose to deploy to (unless you care what the icon looks like).

Also, creating a function app changes the user interface in the portal. The underlying web app, however, is no different. Setting an app setting named FUNCTIONS_EXTENSION_VERSION = ~1 turns any web app into a function app (minus the user interface in the portal).

Here’s master Azure ARM template for App services deployment:


You would use the different value of property kind in order to select different app type.

Hope this takes your worries away a little bit.

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