Docker Cheat Sheet

I have spent some time to gather list of most used docker commands and below is a summary for same. These are not full blown commands, just to get you started and then you can use inbuilt command help.


  • docker create Creates a container
  • docker rename Renames a container
  • docker run Creates and runs a container
  • docker rm Removes a container
  • docker update Updates a container resource limits

Starting/stopping a container

  • docker start Starts a container
  • docker stop Stops a container
  • docker restart Stops and starts a container
  • docker pause Pauses a running container
  • docker unpause Unpause a running container
  • docker wait Blocks until running container stops
  • docker kill Sends a SIGKILL to a container
  • docker attach Connects to a running container

Container resource constraints

  • docker run -it –c 512 {Container_name} Sets the container to 50% usage of the available CPU cores. The value 512 specifies 50%, whereas changing the value to 1024 specifies 100%
  • docker run -it -m 100M {Container_name} Sets the container to have a memory limit of 100M

Container information

  • docker ps Shows the running containers
  • docker ps -a Shows the running as well as previously ran containers
  • docker logs Gets logs from a container
  • docker inspect Looks at all the information on a container
  • docker events Gets event information from a container
  • docker port Shows the public-facing port of a container
  • docker top Shows running processes in a container
  • docker stats Shows the resource usage statistics for a container
  • docker diff Shows changed files in the containers file systems


  • docker images Shows all the images on the container host
  • docker build Create an image from a Dockerfile
  • docker commit Creates an image from a container
  • docker rmi Remove an image from a container host
  • docker history Shows all the history of image
  • docker tag Tags an image to a local host or registry
  • docker pull Pull the image from a registry
  • docker search Search a image from docker hub
  • docker push Push an image to a registry
  • docker save Archive an image as tar file


  • docker network create Creates a network for a container
  • docker network rm Removes a network
  • docker network ls Lists all networks
  • docker network inspect Display all info in relation to the network
  • docker network connect Connects a container to a network
  • docker network disconnect Disconnects a container from a network


  • docker login Login to docker registry
  • docker logout Logout from registry


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