Generate random password using PowerShell

For this purpose, we can use the System.Random library in .Net and use Next() to generate a random value out of the specified values. More details on the function can be found at

Below function can be used to generate a password for given no of characters. If not specified, it will generate a password with 8 characters.Read More »

Install Jenkins and configure for first time use on Windows Server/ Ubuntu/ CentOS

As you might be aware, Jenkins is an open-source software originally forked from Hudson. Jenkins is very much popular in DevOps community as it intends to automate software development part for continuous integration and continuous delivery and supports various source code management tools. There are a number of plugins available to not only build code in different programming languages, but also to execute scripts on various OS platforms, perform automated testing etc. In this post, we’ll explore how to install and setup Jenkins for first time usage on various Operating System platforms.Read More »