Getting started with Azure Automation

Azure Automation has been migrated to new Azure resource manager portal at If you happen to open Azure Automation accounts in Classic portal, you would see a message like below:

Azure automation state in Azure Classic Portal
Azure automation state in Azure Classic Portal

To start with Azure Automation, first of all, you need to create an Azure Automation account. For this, login to new Azure Portal with your credentials. Go to more services -> search box. Start typing automation and it will find out automation account for you:

Select Azure Automation Accounts
Select Azure Automation Accounts

Click on automation accounts and it will open up a new blade. Select Add button in the new blade and it will open a new blade further. Fill up in the required details:

Create Azure Automation account using GUI
Create Azure Automation account using GUI

You can choose to create a new resource group for it or select an already existing group. Also select location for it. Do note that location of resource group and azure automation account should be same. After this click create. It will take a couple of minutes to provision account.

You can get list of automation accounts using Powershell cmdlet Get-AzureRMAutomationAccount:

Get list of automation account using PowerShell
Get list of automation account using PowerShell

You can use Set-AzureRMAutomationAccount cmdlet to set tags for or change plan for an Automation account:

$tags = @{"tag01"="Southeast Asia"; "tag02"="RnD"; "tag03"="Hongkong"}
Set-AzureRmAutomationAccount -Name AzureAutomationRndD -Tags $tags -ResourceGroupName rnddevsoutheastasia

Below are the PowerShell modules which are by default available in an automation account:


You can view the same using Get-AzureRmAutomationModule cmdlet.

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